Titan Solar light

If you have a flagpole and want to illuminate your flag, you will love this product! The Titan solar light takes only a minute to add it to your flagpole!
1) Locate your flagpole where you want, with no expense of running an electrical circuit for a light!
2) We make it in America, with American components, and we personally stand behind our warranty.
3) 2 year warranty, excluding batteries.
4) The Titan solar light lower housing is made of DuPont Lexan polycarbonate. The lower housing is a dark color so it does not distract from your flag and flagpole.
5) High output American-made solar panels are imbedded in the aluminum top plate to charge the 3 long lasting internal AA NiCad rechargeable solar batteries.
6) Each long-life LED is much brighter than other solar lights on the market.
7) Dusk-to-dawn, automatic on-off feature

Last but not least, you are respecting our flag by illuminating it at night, an important part of Flag Etiquette.

Our price: $159.00


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